Population Growth, climate change and food production


We currently have 7.7 billion people in this world and that number is constantly increasing. To put this growth in perspective we only had 6 billion people just 20 years ago, that’s almost a 30% increase in population in just 20 years and according to the UN we are set to exceed 9 billion people by the year 2050. More people mean more food production which also means more pollution.

Our increasing population has a trickle on effect to our natural resources, demand for food increases as does the demand for electricity, water and gas. Climate change is making a significant impact on this world and there are many examples of extreme weather events occurring more frequently. There are new records being broken in each season, the drought in Australia has seen record heatwaves in every state, the Californian wildfires were the deadliest and most destructive ever recorded, even people from some pacific islands are being displaced from rising sea levels. Our world is sending us a message that we are on an unsustainable path to misery if we do not make some changes.

Many efforts and solutions have been made to curb the impact we have on this earth, alternative power generation, electric powered vehicles, paper straws you name it, but what about food production? Its been classed as the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, behind buildings (1st) and in front of global transport (3rd). Do people even know that every single car, bus, truck and scooter in the world, combined is more sustainable than our current food production initiatives? maybe the tragic fires in the amazon will wake people up to the dangers that unsustainable farming methods have to our world. We need a solution that tips traditional livestock farming on its head and we need it fast.